My name is Marcia Clarke; I am a wife, mother, grandmother, big sister, friend, and freelance writer, among other things. Writing is a passion, it is in my genes.

As a child growing up in Panama, my dad worked for one of the local newspapers, The Star & Herald. First as a typesetter and later on as a news reporter. In the process, instilling in me and my siblings a love for reading and writing. Having us read the daily news, was how Dad ensured we learned new words; whenever we came across a word whose meaning we did not know–he quickly sent us to go look it up in the dictionary. A practice I continue to this day.

Inspiration for writing comes from many sources: family, everyday life, travel destinations, home; anything that calls my attention. I am always on the lookout for something to write about and lately, I’ve also been taking my camera everywhere I go.

What inspires you? Do share!

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    1. So true! I read you post about following the rules of the land wherever you go; and could not agree more. Always respect your host country, be a good global citizen. Otherwise, why bother travel?

  1. It’s nice meeting you. One of my first jobs was at a newspaper. I started in the ad department and then ended up working on layouts. Occasionally they let me write restaurant reviews. Happy writing.

  2. Marcia –
    Wow! Your Dad was one smart man! Learning to read certainly opens up the world around you!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and deciding to join me on my journey! It’s a pleasure to have you follow along!
    Blessings to you along the way!

  3. Good blog you have here, Marcia! I’ll drop in from time to time. As Jennifer commented, we have to support our fellow writers and stick together!

    Changing gears, I love the picture of the typewriter on your header. Is it yours? I just came back from sending my own 1930s Royal tyepwriter for a deep cleaning. Many of these old typewriters are coming back in style. Maybe I’ll write a quick post about it.

    1. Thanks Nando, when I started this blog I had no idea it would be around this long, but am so glad it is. The best part is the blogging community, you meet the nicest people and get to live vicariously through their posts.
      Regarding the typewriter, I wish it were mine, I borrowed it from work just to take the picture. My dad owned one just like it when we were growing up in Panama, but it disappeared after he passed away. Still it reminds me of him pecking away (two fingers) news stories for the Star & Herald paper. The good old days!

  4. Nice header. I can’t remember the last time i saw a typewriter. Nice touch! A desire to help others understand world events inspires me to write/blog.

    1. Thanks for thinking of and nominating me for this award, Meg. I’ll be sure to to stop by later to see the rules and start working on it. I enjoy reading your blog too!

  5. Enjoy your bio and LOVE your header…awesome…did you take that yourself? I’m writer too…a chica too…chapina to be exact, can you tell from the name? What inspires me…other writers, desperate moments, happy moments, failures life, and of course family. I see from the comments your Dad was a big inspiration too. 😉 In case you’re interested here’s my Dad story. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my photo challenge enough to post. 😉


    1. Thanks, and yes that was my attempt at creating my own signature photo, LOL. Everyday life happenings motivate my writings–most of the time, although sometimes I get on a particular subject and can’t seem to let go of it. I guess I write about whatever piques my fancy. I enjoyed reading about your Dad, it is obvious we both had great men to help shape our lives. I’ll be following your blog from now on. Keep up the great humor!

      1. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your future check-ins 😉 I enjoyed chit-chatting with you via wordpress. Awesome to meet people like you. 🙂 We’ll be stopping by on a stalker basis 🙂 Cuidate 😉

  6. Hello Marcia! I have not yet been there, but my Father spent some time in Panama and loved it! It is on my must-see list. You have a great day! 🙂

    (I have added you to my blogroll, hope you don’t mind)

    1. Hola, thanks for stopping by my humble home; welcome!
      I think you should definitely pay Panama a visit, it is a beautiful country. As luck will have it, tonight I was channel surfing and stumbled upon The Bachelor (reality show) tonight’s episode featured Panama. Made me homesick, last time I was there was 2007.

      Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, and hope you don’t mind if I add you to mine.

  7. then, i’ ll consider it a (re) starting point for this a personal travail journal ..memoir style with omissions included as i cannot take the trip to the desert to retrace and reflect.
    seven years too many..more like many years too many… where’s my writing room? i’ll just photo-transport your to my writing mode then..and get in the zone..
    keep you posted..thanks again marcia.

  8. Nadine! What are you doing over here? You are everywhere I am! (Great minds think alike.)
    Seven years too many! Seven years too many! That is perfect. I would pick it up in the book store JUST BECAUSE of the title!

  9. hello marcia, i had heard of you through the cyber vine, glad to be steered here by Jennifer..i am building the foundations to a solid support group as i write/edit my desert living book..part survival..part adventure. the momentum is carrying me to final organization of my files..
    i wish you and your visitors smooth writing..ns

  10. My parents were my role models and I try to be the same to our daughters; hopefully, we’ve succeeded.
    Enjoyed reading your poems and musings, will try to keep up with you as often as I can. Thanks for visiting!

  11. I’ve offered to ghost write a killer story too, and people freak out, don’t they? And those would make the best ones!!!
    What would you call yours, do you think? I can’t come up with a name for the life of me. My dad offers names all the time, and God love him, each one lamer than the last. I have no idea. I wonder if I could call it “No Title.” Yeah, that would sell.

    1. Funny. Yes, people have the strangest notions of what you can do with your words.
      I can’t even think of where to begin the story I’d tell, much less think of a name for it. But it has been on mind a lot lately, so I guess I better get to it soon.

      I had a hard time settling on a name for the blog, so I can only imagine what I’ll be doing with a book title, lol!

      “No title” should be a bestseller, I like that!

    2. Jennifer Ward-Pelar, did you just channel that no title title out of my brain patterns?, you already know that i am incapable of putting a heading to my own..
      if you’ll let me read some passages of yours, i’ll be able to suggest titles and you may return the favor and name my desert book for me. “Lips of Leather” or Seven years too many?
      it was so powerful that i burnt the first draft. now i am reconstructing the tome with memory holes built it for breathing room.
      they say that it takes seven years for a man to go crazy and two for a woman in death valley.. i stayed far too many… but then it should make for good writing..

  12. I have been threatening my siblings and family for many years, with the prospect of writing a “crazy family tales” book; to which they say–go ahead. They have no idea how close I am of making my threat a reality.The more I write, the closer I get. LOL!

    1. If they’re okay with it, the more reason to do it! Now you have complete freedom. I love crazy family tales books. My all time favorite reading is memoir. I don’t care for the ones by famous people. I like to read about normal, every day people that I might just be standing behind in line at the supermarket. Everyone has a story. My English professor used to say that. She had no idea the infulence she had on my life with that statement. Everyone does have a story.

      1. I don’t care to read famous people’ memoirs either. I think that’s because they are so out there these days, we feel like we know enough already.
        Everyone has a story, but not everyone wants to tell it. I was having a converstion on the topic a few days ago, with a friend whose story could be a bestseller; offered to ghost write it for her but no cigar. Oh well, I will just have to write my own, lol!

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