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We are very quickly approaching the end of the year. OMG, Where does time go?

I have been busy learning new things, expanding my skills set, even learning how to become more technically oriented (loving it) my “smartphone” has made me more efficient than I ever suspected I could ever be. Still, I still prefer the old-fashioned desktop computer when it comes to writing, studying or researching for long periods of time.

I recently became a licensed Life & Health and Annuities agent, and have spent many hours online preparing for this new “venture/career”, the process has been interesting and enjoyable, for the most part (time-consuming) and I am now in the process of writing a business blog; that is a story for another day but one of reasons I have not been posting here more frequently. LOL

In addition, I have been spending quality time with my family, especially the little granddaughters, and those times have been precious! Here are some of those moments and some of the places from the last two months, we have been all over just having fun together!

These were all snapped while we visited Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC

Beautiful cities, my first time there but not the last!

Hilton Head 092 Hilton Head 097 Hilton Head 120 Hilton Head 124 Hilton Head 127 Hilton Head 146 Hilton Head 156 Hilton Head 161

Hola Abuela!
Hola Abuela!

On a recent visit to New York City…

At the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge
At the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge

It had a been a long time since we last set foot in New York, and as soon as we landed I wondered why it had taken so long to go back; we are talking more than ten years here, and New York is one of my favorite cities, we lived in Brooklyn for over twenty years.

It was waiting for us!
It was waiting for us!

It was a Mother’s day trip arranged by our two daughters Yasmin and Natalie, and it was definitely a “girls thing”. Needless to say, it was a great experience. The four days we spent there were filled with fun adventures uptown, downtown and all around the town and, we walked like I had not walked in a in a very long, long… time. LOL

Tulips in Central Park!
Tulips in Central Park!

The subways were our mode of transportation and we covered lots of miles from Brooklyn to Harlem and places in between. We acted like tourists in a town we previously called home. To be honest, when we lived in New York we hardly skipped a beat either, we frequently visited all the landmarks and museums, restaurants and attended all kinds of cultural events. I truly believe this is because I am a wanderlust soul at heart and now have two daughters that like to travel and discover places just as much as I do, Yippee!

My daughters and I make a great travel team and we each had our assignments; Yasmin was the Yelp expert that got us to all the right places to eat and had them lined up before we even set foot in the city. Natalie was in charge of accommodations and lined up a great Best Western hotel in the heart of Brooklyn (the R train was right outside) which made it easy for us to reach all the must see places that I had lined up for us to visit. Brooklyn Museum was my favorite stop.

Long must be good. It was!
Long lines…it must be good. It was!

So we ate “off the truck” Halal food near Rockefeller Center (delicious), walked to Central Park, and stopped at John Lennon’s memorial, Strawberry Fields, and then walked some more. One thing about walking in the big cities you don’t feel the pain until…you feel the pain. In my case, that was two days later, but Advil took care of that!

We covered a lot of ground (making up for lost time) FAO Schwarz, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Central Park, Harlem, Brooklyn and surrounding neighborhoods, Times Square, ahhh… the sights of Times Square (I’ll save those for another post, LOL).

Delicious cheesecake!
Delicious cheesecake!

We even made sure to stop at Junior’s in Brooklyn to get some of their famous (nostalgia) cheesecake, it is still good!

Share the love for the kids home tour

Florida Living...

The 3rd Annual Benefit for Cooper Street Kids (After-school program in Punta Gorda, FL) took place last weekend. I enjoyed the Home Tour put together by  various clubs and groups of the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association; all proceeds will benefit the After-school program. The home tour was a resounding success, and was well attended by community members and sponsors.

One of the homes on the tour - Key West style

As I told you before, it appears the supply of things to do in our neck of the woods is suddenly unending. I remember saying to anyone who would listen (mostly my hubby) back when we first moved to Florida: “What were we thinking?”, since at the time the sidewalks in town rolled-up by 9 p.m, earlier during weekdays. This was 20 years ago, and there really was nothing to do. For a city-dweller from Brooklyn, such as myself, this was torture.

Beautiful landscaping seen on tour

My solution? Miami is 3-hours south–it seemed appropriate at the time and still does today, to head out-of-town whenever our small town starts to make me feel claustrophobic. These days destinations vary but still, I am a city girl at heart and I crave arts and culture, great dining experiences and more; so whenever I get the urge to wander, I go looking for my fix.

Loved this table setting

Things have changed. I now marvel at the number of things to do, there are even new restaurants (non-chain) popping up here and there–sometimes there are so many things going on at the same time, it is hard to choose. I love having this dilemma; and yes, there is always Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Naples, FL within reach, you get my point. One of the advantages of our location on the Gulf of Mexico is that all these cities are within an hour to three-hour car ride. Aah…the Florida life!

Dining outdoors never looked so good!

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