Mother nature scares me!

Hola, Hello, I’m back! I hope you noticed that I was missing in action for a couple of weeks or so.
Here’s the deal: I have a day job, this means I’m usually pretty busy most days of the week; by the time I leave work in the evenings it becomes a toss-up between going straight home and going to the gym. Two or three nights a week the gym wins; that means when I get home there will be nothing left to do but eat a quick meal and take a shower, after that give the brain a rest for the day—translation: mindless TV channel surfing.
This week, however, the need for self-expression came crashing back in more ways than one. First, the news was so full of unfortunate events that it just made me worry about our world. I mean, there were the ongoing news of Japan’s nuclear reactors (after the earthquakes and tsunami) threatening to wreak havoc on the already extremely taxed nerves of the Japanese people (mine too). I can’t begin to imagine what to do in such a situation.
Then there were the “social networks” driven revolts in the Middle East, and ongoing threats of war. Here is my thought on this and please correct me if I am wrong, the power of God, (I am a believer) or whatever Higher Power rocks your boat, makes it evident; we have no control over this earth and it appears, very little control over ourselves as well. My immediate thoughts after the Japanese events was Mother Nature has demonstrated to us once again that she is the ultimate “equalizer” and we better take notice of this fact and begin to treat each other with the utmost care, compassion and kindness. Or as Rodney King would say: “Can’t we all just get along?”
It is enough for us to know there are more pressing things (feed the hungry, educate our children, eat some ice cream) that require we put our collective energies into; rather than trying to tear each other down. When we die, and we all will at some time or the other, all our worldly possessions will be left behind and even if we managed to take something with us (can’t imagine why) I am sure whatever it is would be useless wherever we end up.
So come on people, let’s decide to help our fellow human beings in every way we can. We do not have to give money away; a little loving and caring will suffice in most cases. Most people would appreciate a gesture that says: I feel your pain, rather than a put down. An uplifting message is always better than a negative comment. People who are down, do not need you to remind them of that fact; they need you say you understand, and if you don’t, please keep your mouth shut!
And that is what I’m talking about!
Marcia C

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