>It is a new year and a new decade begins!

>It’s 2011, does anyone still remember the Y2K scare? Can you believe that a whole decade has just passed us by, and that the year 2011 ushers in the new decade? What’s up with that?

There was so much that happened during the last ten years: the economy collapsed after the Wall Street bankers gambled with our money… and lost. The financial scam wizzards were out in force, remember Bernie Maddoff? Unemployment rates are still in the double digits all around the country, two years later, etc, etc, etc.

Let us take the bull by the horns this year and take control of our lives; let’s take a hard look at all the things that surround us and keep us stuck in the same place over and over again, and then decide once and for all to make a serious effort to change our circumstances. Make 2011 our year to shine, review finances, careers, relationships and anything  else that’s holding us back and let’s promise ourselves to change what does not work; because guess what… life is short, and then we die. So, there is no sense in living under the clouds of unhapiness when there are other options available to us.

On the other hand… if you are happy and you know it, clap your hands! I am clapping and clapping and clapping my hands all the time, because I’ve surrounded myself with happy, fulfilled and contented people and their energy and love spills onto me; and I make sure to pay it forward in every way I can. I have a lovely and loving family who fulfills my every need, and for this reason alone I consider myself a rich woman. This new year promises to bring great gifts and I am giddy with anticipation, I am very thankful for the blessings already in my life and look forward to the new year full of expectations.

Happy 2011 to all, let’s make the best of it. That’s what I am talking about!

Marcia C

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  1. >You know that's right. Thanks for your comment and good luck with your blog. BTW, loved that yellow dress on your post today. Gotta have it!

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