>My Neck of the Woods

>Port Charlotte? Punta Gorda? Where is that? It does not sound like there will be much to do there. This is usually how a conversation goes after the standard brief introductions with almost anyone that comes through this small town of ours. The explanation usually goes something like this: we are located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, right between Fort Myers (to the south) and Sarasota (to the north) and suddenly, recognition, an–Aha! Moment, as Oprah often says. I know where that is, my grandma has a house over there. Lol!

These days, when I listen to the weather reports, and hear about places up north being dumped on by many feet of snow, and enduring all kinds of minus -0 degree weather, I’ve been having my own “Aha Moments”! Don’t get me wrong, I will complain just like everyone else about the weather, at the right time, it all depends on weather conditions (hurricane season comes to mind).

But last night and the night before, I was very glad to be living in “my neck of the woods” (Thanks, Al). It was around six in the evening when I felt a smile begin to form within me, there it was again as I crossed the bridge–another SW Florida present, a beautiful mix of clouds and sun that is very hard to describe. A beautiful sunset, and I did not have my camera with me this time, plus I was driving. Ughhhh!

Sunsets are a spectacular sight in our area. I lived in Brooklyn, NY for many years before moving south and can honestly say I never paid as much attention to the skies there, as I do in Florida. Maybe that’s because most of the year, I was running in or out of subways or ducking people bump-ins in between high risers in Manhattan. Or maybe I was just too busy and frazzled, going about my business to stop and appreciate nature; even as I appreciated and explored everything else NYC had to offer; to this day, it is one of my favorite cities.

Funny thing is there are, more than enough things to do in Port Charlotte and its surrounding areas; it boasts some of the best beaches (Boca Grande, Manasota) you can find anywhere along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Sunsets are beautiful and plentiful, except of course when the skies open up and let out their fair share of rain, thunder and lightning. There are many festivals, music, arts, and lots of fishing and boating to keep the most discriminating soul busy for days on end. Totally worth the experience. So come on down!

That’s what I’m Talking About!

Marcia C

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