Just wait until you have your own!

Everything in life is about a time and a season; right now it is grandparents’ season in our life.
As I patiently (not really) wait for the arrival of our grand baby girl number 3; I can’t help but think back to my own early days as my mother’s daughter. Back then, I had a question and answer for everything, but most of all, I  had  convinced myself that my parents didn’t know anything about the trials of growing up. I was sure they had both been born as adults, skipped childhood entirely… and then became our parents! LOL!
Well let me tell you! I found out what my mother meant when she said: “just wait until you have your own” over thirty plus years ago, when I became a mother for the first time and; many times since then wondered if our own children felt the same way about us, my hubby and I, as parents. It does not really matter, because by now I am quite sure they are feeling the same way I did when hit with the awareness of self discovery. Parenthood changes everything, and I mean everything! In our case, it was for the better, the reasons for doing anything became our children.
Before their arrival, it was a party all the time (hey, we were young adults) but when they entered our lives the parties changed, they moved home, and became children birthday parties instead, for the most part. Where did the time go? I find myself telling people these days to make sure they enjoy their children (I am glad I did) because they grow up way too fast. Before you know it and if you are lucky, they become adults, and make you a grandparent. OMG!!! Where did the time go?!
Let me tell you, my mother was right; and at some point I know my own daughters will feel the same way too, life is a cycle. We are born, grow up, and then die. The only things that matter are the in-between; how we live our lives is what counts, we have no way of knowing how long we have on this earth—but I can assure you, currently I am in grandmother’s heaven. I have enjoyed the process of helping (along with my hubby) create two great human beings in our two daughters, and now beam at seeing them and their hubbies taking on the challenges of parenthood; and now look forward to being around when they tell their own children what grandma used to say: “just wait until you have your own” Lol!
“Magra” was my granddaughter, Lauryn’s first name for me, that was before I graduated to Grandma (my current moniker) when she could finally pronounce it); since I am a Latina I will also answer to Abuela. I am anxious to hear what Elisa and soon to arrive new Baby C will be calling me; they can call me Grandma, Nana, Nona, Oma, Ya-Ya, all meaning “grandmother” in various cultures around the world; I will answer to any of those names, as long as they are coming from my  grand babies, and it is said with LOVE!
Marcia C

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  1. Hey, I found you on Linkedin and you sounded so friendly in your introduction and so excited about being a grandmother, I just had to come take a look. And wow. What a delightful site. I love the header. And the words of wisdom. I’ve heard that my whole life, “Just wait until you have your own.” We’re tryiing right now, so maybe some day soon I’ll know what it feels like! I really can’t imagine. It all seems so scary!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I just opened your blog and will take time to comment ASAP. Trust me, I heard that saying from my mom and so have millions of other women; you just don’t get it until it happens to you and then–the little “light bulb” goes on in your head, lol! Keep in touch, I would love to hear when it happens to you. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Are you not loving the Blog Zone on Linkedin?

  2. CONGRADULATIONS !! You and Carl must be so happy. You are right, whatever your grandbabies call you it all means LOVE… Looking foward to seeing your brag book. Many blessing extended to you and your growing family…

  3. Congratulations Marcia! It must be wonderful to see you and Carl’s seed reproduced so perfectly. thank God.

    Linda ferdinand

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