Art is all around us in SW Florida

This mural greets visitors outside CHEC's parking lot
This weekend, it was difficult to decide what to do, and where to go for entertainment. The SW Florida sun coast was bubbling with all types of art events and festivals from Sarasota to Fort Myers, and places in between.

Since we live in one of those in-between places (Charlotte County, FL) I took the easy way out and opted to attend “Art Sensation ’11”, an annual celebration of local music, art and culture; an event  sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Council of Charlotte County, held at the Charlotte County Event and Conference Center (CHEC).

Naomi Pringle proudly displays a copy of her book, "Ginga Root Tea"

This year’s Art Sensation had an impressive list of participants who boasted many talents: jewelers, painters, historians, and many other artists and performers; but for obvious reasons, this writer gravitated and connected with the writers in the house. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to James Abraham, Roland Edwards, and Naomi Pringle, three of our community’s published authors; who generously shared their knowledge and insights about the publishing world.

Roland Edwards author of "Who do you say I am"

They related writing experiences, talked about upcoming projects and invited me to attend upcoming writing workshops, they made me feel welcome in their literary midst.

James Abraham, the Book-broker and writer

This is only the beginning of “snow bird” season” in SW Florida; so I suspect I will be getting busy checking out venues until the end of the year. I will be on the lookout for things to do and will keep you posted; especially, if they are free!

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  1. I am very familiar with Miami, mostly south; I have siblings that live there. I used to go there every other month or so, but now it is either Orlando or Atlanta (grand babies are there).

  2. Nice post! I lived in Southeast Florida for 8 years, but never crossed over the Everglades until I enrolled at FGCU. It’s amazing how different it is! Now I live up in Pennsylvania, but I would love to explore more of SW Florida sometime in the future.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Shona. I had a chance to read some of the content in your blog, I like it; as a matter of fact I love your “For Hire” page’s content. The social network thing… I am one of those people, LOL. Even though I have a Twitter account, I do not use it to communicate with others (mainly because I don’t know how to). I keep saying I need to pick up the “How to Twitter manual”. So far I only do basic stuff, which I hope to change soon. I am on the west coast of Florida, in Port Charlotte (below Sarasota). Where were you when you lived in Florida?

  3. Marcia – A great post on art in your area. I am always amazed at the number of talented people in our area and the way they engage with the community. There is always something beautiful to see in our local galleries and shops. From handmade soaps to oils and watercolors or sculptures, not to mention all the great writers. Showcasing these artistic people seems to be a growing trend throughout Florida. We have such a wonderful melding of people and cultures. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Christine. I agree, there are so many artists, writers, musicians, etc. in our midst, that we sometimes miss out on enjoying all they have to offer. I’ve been trying to stay in the loop so when there are events going on, I can try to be there to write about it. I often hear people complain that there is nothing to do, so I am trying to do my part to help create awareness. Our community caters to part-time residents (snowbirds); and “we are now in season”. Let the fun begin!

  4. Looks like Art Sensation ’11″ was really interesting. I love to read and there are so many authors I would love to talk to. Glad that they were so down to earth also. I also bet that jam session in the park will be great to listen to.

    Also thank you for following my blog! Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy, Thanks for your comments.
      Art Sensstion is a great community event, lots of fun. It feels good to support local artists and authors; they reciprocate by making themselves available to talk with students and encourage their interests in the arts. It is a win-win.

  5. This sounded like a lot of fun. I’m up here in north east FL, so if you hear anything going on in FL at all, give a shout out. Things like this are right up my alley too. How great that you had the chance to meet local authors!

    1. I hope you asked someone up there about events happening in the area. This time of the year is considered “snow bird season” in Florida and lots of events are planned. Tomorrow I’ll be attending a “jam session” at a local park, where people usually bring their instruments, play improv music.(I”ll be bringing my camera) Looking forward to it, will take some pictures and blog about it.

  6. Art Sensation 11 sounds wonderful with a little bit of everything! We have something similar at our Hackensack Book and Art Festival every August but without the music. The music would add a lot! I love your photos–I feel as if I am right there enjoying all the festivities with you! Thanks for sharing Art Sensation 11 with all of us!

    1. Thanks Sandra, Artsensation was indeed a great event; the music really added to the festivities. I got so sidetracked talking to the writers, (wonder why?) that I almost missed the other creative folks Lol! The murals in Punta Gorda are so good that I am going back next week for more photos. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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