Two Grandmas, a baby and…a toddler

Marcia and Lydia

First, a bit of background information. It all started about two months ago when Natalie (our daughter) and her husband Michael had this wonderful idea—they were planning a get-away for a couple of days—and would I mind coming up to the ATL to babysit the girls? You already know my position when it comes to the grandkids, of course I will do it. When, was my response?

As luck will have it, Airtran (my preferred airline) sent a promotional email announcing they were running a special–$35 each way from Sarasota to Atlanta and points in between; you know we jumped on that one. Then, as we were getting ready to buy tickets, it hit me. Wait a grandmamma minute I will be alone with the baby (4 months, breastfed only up to this point) and Little Miss Lauryn, (3 years old) who I will need to take to and pick-up from school—for two days? Am I crazy? What was I thinking!

Here we come!

Second great idea, someone else will need to co-manage this situation with me—enter Tati Lydia (my sister) who lives in Miami, and lucky for her Delta (her preferred airline) was offering the same deal as Airtran. It was a hilarious situation, trust me; coordinating ticket buying, on two airlines and we had to buy them before midnight that day, it was already 9:30 p.m. After enough drama going back and forth, at 11:45 p.m., it was all set; we will be flying to Atlanta on December 8. Mission accomplished.

Oblivious to the Grandmas' drama, LOL

I had already spent time babysitting my grandchildren before, so that was not the problem. My concern this time was the baby, Sydney; who was breastfed exclusively, no formula/bottles had crossed her tiny lips to this point. It became a running joke between Natalie and me during our pre-trip phone conversations. I kept telling her I was not worried about Lauryn—she talks, is potty trained and will certainly let me know when she needs something. No problem there at all—Sydney on the other hand, I envisioned going on a “hunger strike”, no mommy–no food. So please practice giving her formula from a bottle. Two days before we arrived in Atlanta, she finally did; we were very pleased with this development. No hunger strike during our watch, yeah!

So here we were, Tati Lydia and Grandma Marcia, enjoying the girls; relaxing from our usual chores, reveling in the fact we could finally spend some sister time together, catch up on our lives, in person this time (we talk on the phone daily); and Natalie and Michael were on their planned escape to Savannah, well deserved, I might add.

Girls just want to have fun

The trip to school and back, no problem. Lydia stayed home with the baby while I picked-up Lauryn. The funny stuff came later. Before the parents left on Friday, we received detailed instructions, complete with demonstrations on how to do this and how to do that—how the car seat works, prepare the formulas, how many ounces, give her vitamins, tuck the girls at night, how to fill the humidifier with water, read a story…yeah, yeah, yeah… been there done that, we raised you all, did we not? You turned out ok, did you not?

On Saturday, Lydia and I decided to take the girls out to Kanga Zoom (a playground) and then to the Chickin’ store as Lauryn calls it (Chick-fil-A). All was well until it was time to get the baby in the carrier that process took more than five minutes with both of us trying, and then voila she was in—now we just had to figure out how to set her in the car seat and we’d be good to go. Let me tell you, right here and now—those things are a menace to grandparents! We got her in, but when we arrived at Kanga Zoom? Grandma could not remember what buttons to press to release the da** carrier, and Tati Lydia stood outside the car cracking up, with Lauryn as her accomplice, telling me stuff like “maybe Lauryn knows what to do”, oh… shut up, I said; you try it then. She did and it worked, WTH…! By the time we got to the Chickin’ store about two hours later, we were delirious with laughter. Michael told us what to do—we just thought we knew better. LOL

Easy stroller; no complicated instructions needed.

Back in the days when we were raising our girls, we made do with those “umbrella type” strollers that were light as heck, did not require any complicated instructions and were easy enough to carry with one hand. You know what, after all this excitement; we did not attempt whatsoever to take Sydney’s stroller out of the car trunk. Thank goodness, Lauryn can walk! That is it for this Grandma tale, I am sure there will be more to come. LOL

Stroller and plane images courtesy of Google images.

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  1. LOL, not only that but they are heavy as hell; especially when you (finally) get it out of the car seat and now have a sleeping baby that you dare not wake until you had time to settle in wherever you are going. I honestlt do not know how these young parents do it, I tip my hat off to them!

  2. Okay, Marcia….at first I thought…”Is she crazy???” But then i saw the faces of those sweet little cherubs and melted. Of course you had to go and what precious moments you had with them. And I totally agree with you about baby carriers. You need a couple degrees in physics and 4 hands to get them set up just right. Luckily…you’re Super Grandmamma….so no problem. Thanks for the tender reminder…we’re women and we can handle it.

  3. I can certainly relate, especially when it comes to making time for the grand babies. Although, I haven’t had the experience of having to care for a baby that is separated from her sole food source.

    Your post made me chuckle as I remembered my own fumbling with car seats. Those suckers are a pain! And, the old fashioned umbrella stroller? Yeah, I’ve got one of those, too. The baby and I will be tooling around in style.

    Isn’t being a grandmother, grand?

    1. Shelley, I figured there must be thousands of Grandmas/pas all over the world facing the same dilemmas as I did. I always prepare for an adventure whenever I am in the company of the grandkids. Never a dull moment, and I love it. And, yes being a grandmother, is a special treat.

  4. I’m all for the easy stroller. So light and easy to carry. Why do they have such massive strollers now, anyway? I tell you what, you two don’t look like grandmas! What a holiday treat to get to visit with your sister and the grandbabies while giving your daughter a break. You are truly a blessing!

    1. I was in heaven last week, it was a girls dream. I have been advocating for the easy stroller since Lauryn was born; they finally got an umbrella stroller recently–but it is not the easy one I remember. Why such complex stuff these days? I don’t know. LOL

  5. Your Grandbabies are so precious! Sort of off-topic here, but I noticed that they had The Princess & The Frog toys. Don’t you just love that? I actually went to go see that movie in the theater. We’ve waited so long for a Black Disney princess…and I thought they did a fabulous job with it! Happy Holidays!

    1. Last Christmas, Lauryn’s (3-year old) aunt gave her Princess Tiana’s outfit complete with slippers and tiara for Christmas; that child fell so in love with it–it was days before we could convince her that she could start wearing her regular clothes again. I agree Disney did a great job. LOL

  6. Enjoyed reading your post. Sounds like it was a fun time and a chance to get caught up. I remember watching my niece and nephew but the stroller then just opened up. Probably would have a hard time now. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, We had a ball, and as usual added material to the memories bank. Those strollers and car seats are something else, I always have a story to tell when I am with the grandkids. LOL
      Merry Christmas to you!

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