Port Charlotte? Where is that?

A view of the harbor, from Laishley Park

Port Charlotte? Where is that? It does not sound like a place where there will be much to do. That is usually the way the conversation goes when I talk to strangers, right after the standard introductions; almost everyone I meet says the same thing. To which I respond, as if on autopilot, “we are in Florida, on the Gulf Coast of Mexico right between Fort Myers and Sarasota”.  Suddenly, an Aha moment—as Oprah would say–I know where that is, my grandma’s friend has a house down there somewhere. LOL

Funny thing is, there are enough things to do in Port Charlotte and its surroundings; the area boasts some of the best beaches–Boca Grande, Siesta Key, Sanibel, Clearwater, come to mind—that you can find anywhere on the Gulf Coast, all within less than an hour’s drive. Sunsets are beautiful and plentiful; except of course, on those days when the skies open up and let out the thunderstorms and lightning we are so famous for, which earned the Tampa Bay’s area the dubious “Lightning Capital of the U.S.” moniker.

During this time of the year, when the freezing weather up north ensures our population swells with the arrival of “snowbirds” looking to escape the snow and cold, there is so much going on, locals have a difficult time finding a place to eat where the wait is less than an hour.

Sunset at the beach

Arts, film, and music festivals, and gallery exhibits, block parties, plays and everything else you can think of, are in plentiful supply. In addition, there is always fishing and boating, or year-round drum circles at nearby Venice and Sarasota beaches, where every Saturday evening you can let go your inner hippie while enjoying the music–bring your own drums, food and drinks and prepare to welcome the most beautiful sunsets ever!

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  1. I think the name: Port Charlotte creates lots of wonderful images, but then I’m a gal who just likes to sit on the beach and watch the waves roll in, so I’d be happy with the water and a sunset. I would get tired of the snowbirds, but the economy probably depends on them…and when summer comes…do you get the beaches and restaurants back?

    1. Snowbirds come and then go back home, so they are not that bad. Eventually though, many realize PC is a great place to live in and decide to make it their permanent home.
      I am a beach lover too. When I was little girl our father would take the family on a 2-mile hike to the beach every Sunday. I looked forward to those trips. Beach access is one of the reasons I love SW Florida.

    1. Linda, thanks for stopping by and commenting on our hidden little treasure; although, it is slowly being discovered. I am very thankful we live here, especially when I know I can easily access the big cities when I have the need and can return to the quiet when I’ve had enough.

  2. Ha ha! I know where you’re coming from (literally and figuratively!). I’m from Fort Myers. Not many people outside the state of FL know where that is… I always tell them it’s between Tampa and Miami on the Gulf coast 🙂

    And you’re right – there is quite a bit to do around that area, especially if you love the water.

    1. LOL, there is a long stretch between Tampa and Miami, that must leave them further puzzled. Strangely enough, I get the same line of questioning when I mention Panama. I can only imagine the fun you will have when you begin discuss Bora Bora! I can see you guys are having lots of fun.

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