Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

Ready to go sailing, ahh…the joys of retirement on the Gulf Coast! Sailing any day of the week, no need to wait for the weekend or holidays.

Sailing on the Peace River

Ahoy mate! What’s today’s date again? Ok, thanks–Saturday or Sunday? It’s Wednesday? Man, I can’t keep up with dates anymore…oh well..I’m off sailing!

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

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  1. You’re living a beautiful life, of calm seas an wonderful dreams ….I wish one day soon, I get to sail like you too. Inspiring my friend….amazing picture!

    1. Now that you put it that way…I am truly blessed. I live in a great location with easy access to the Gulf and within three hours of major cities (Orlando, Miami). Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, very much appreciated.

  2. This on a day that it’s snowing in my neck of the woods. If only I could climb through my computer screen into this picture. Sigh.

    1. It seems that mild winters are all around us; we normally have cooler weather this time of the year but are not complaining. It makes the outdoor activities feel quite pleasant.

  3. Ready…yes the boat in the water..and now that I want winter to be over in Chicago we have snow on the way in Feb..so I would rather have snow in December and bring flowers now…LOL murpheys law… Great post.

  4. Really? YOu’re out in the sunshine, enjoying the breeze, saltwater and smells while I’m looking at another gray day? I hope you anchored and jumped in, just once for me.

    1. LOL, I stayed close to shore enjoying the rays. This time of the year I don’t go in the water as it is a little cooler than I like. We had a couple of gray days last week too, and rain is on the way this weekend, still near 80s so not complaining.

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