Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

A few years ago, fresh on the heels of Dan Brown‘s published novel The Da Vinci Code, I embarked on a three-week Global Perspective course in London, sponsored by the college I was attending at the time. I saw enrollment as a unique opportunity to study abroad while enjoying a bit of adventure and relaxation.

Sign post in London points to the Temple church

A few of my classmates (whom I met a week before the trip) had been reading The Da Vinci Code as well, so we decided to set out on a “decoding mission” while in London. Of course, we would do this on our own time. Needless to say,

Entrance to the Temple Church

it was a fun-filled adventure; of course it was a work of fiction–but what was the harm? Because many of the sites included in our course outline already included some of the places we planned to visit–The Temple Church for instance, the visit here became one of discovery. Would we be able to follow the clues to uncover the Holy Grail? I think not, but we had a lot of fun trying to. LOL

Yes, this venture was sheer indulgence, one with long-lasting cherished memories!

Knight Templars' effigies

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  1. This is one fun and adventurous event…Such an exiting way to indulge in discovery and friendship. Reminds me of the detective stuff I was so fascinated about as a child. Wonderful photos…Thank you.

    1. I would do it again in a heartbeat! I have such warm memories of that trip to London, and the funny things is that it was mostly work. We visited cathedrals, museums, and Charles Dickens home and many others; and still had to turn in a 30-page report for class at the end of the semester… ah so much fun!

    1. I got into the habit of becoming a “tourist” in my own hometown, when we first moved to New York from Panama many years ago. I used to hear people who where born in the city say they had never visited the famous sites. I made it a point to visit every major attraction and then some during the 20 years I lived there. I continue the practice in Florida.

    1. It was really fun, especially because of the controversy going on at the time. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, I appreciate your taking time to do so!

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