Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

The photo challenge for this week, through, provided me with the opportunity to post this picture of my hubby, taken last week while he was pruning the trees in our yard. I was just playing around at the time, but it worked to my advantage. You can see him through the branches…hard at work while I played with the camera. Thanks for the photo opp, honey!

Meanwhile right on the lot next to us these vultures, were watching us. Ugh, what a creepy feeling I got.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

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    1. It must not be too hot where you live; here the temps average 85 degrees with high humidity, so no pruning for me. That’s hubby’s deal and he likes to do it too. Go figure!

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of vultures.
    Who’d you kill?

    And is hubby now going to take credit for the success of your blog? Because that’s a great pic! (though I’m pretty sure the credit belongs to you.)

    1. Who did I kill? No one! But, that was too funny! LOL.
      As it happens (according to my hubby) this is where the vultures come to rest at night. I just think it is creepy. Thanks for the comments on the picture; I am very new at taking pictures (other than point and shoot), so it is encouraging to hear the effort is paying off.

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