Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Orlando Museum of Art

Perfect! I was wondering how to use these pictures I took a couple of weeks ago during one of my many visits to Orlando. Lately, I am on a quest to find things to do that have nothing to do with the usual (Disney, Universal) Orlando attractions. So on this weekend, we happily headed to the Orlando Museum of Art to take in the latest exhibits. Naturally, they did not allow pictures taken inside the museum, but I had enough material to keep me busy with the sculptures that adorn its entrance. And, as a bonus the “Orlando International Fringe Festival” was going on outdoors, right on the grounds of the museum. Food, art and strange sightings. Who am I to complain? LOL

Sculptures on the museum grounds
On the fringe? Festival performers…

That was so relaxing, let’s go home now

The creative folks abound all around us!

Sculpture seen at the entrance to the OMA

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

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  1. Creative and street photography all in one :). If you wonder who the anonymous rater is, it’s me .D. Love the pink fringe skirt 😀

  2. Creations abound. I’d have to keep my eye to my camera 24/7 to capture all the images. So glad there’s a community of bloggers making my job easier. 😆

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