Summer reads

I’ve been home all week taking a break from work. During this time I tried to do as little as possible; no housework for sure, and just about enough cooking to pass inspections from the hubby. You know what I mean, the “You mean you’ve been home all day, and did not cook dinner?” looks. I did manage to get some laundry done here and there, but mostly I vegged out, and rightly so I need some rest!

Because my job entails a lot of reading and writing (grants) I tend to crash out whenever I can. So this week, I decided to catch up on my personal collection of reading materials. Not only do I have a stack of magazine subscriptions, Shape, Fitness, Essence, Time… to read, I also have a downloaded mini-collection of books on my Kindle which are begging for attention. My Blackberry has the Kindle app downloaded to it, so “it” gets more action for reading, just because we are so attached at the hip (according to my hubby)  LOL!

This morning for whatever the reason, don’t ask me why I visited the Kindle store, looking for another book to read. I think it’s because I go back to work on Monday to face fifty (50) little summer campers who will be ready to tear the place down, and I am thinking… escape! Reading does that for me, and I had a brilliant idea: download suitable books for the campers to read on their Kindles and perhaps, maybe, we will be able to craft a couple of quality reading hours for the children–and some peace and quiet for me during summer camp, yeah!!! Am I brilliant or what?!

That’s what I am talking about!!!

Marcia C

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