Is it Monday? Again?

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I do not know about you but to me it feels like it was just Monday yesterday, and I am now looking at Monday again! Is it me? Or days just appear to roll into what seems like hours lately?

Every week on Friday, we are all so excited because the weekend is finally here and we can now embark on all the fun activities that give us pleasure. In my case, reading, dancing, web surfing, cooking and sometimes doing nothing at all.

This weekend it was more doing nothing at all, than anything else because last week was spent sitting in on sessions at a conference hall listening to SMEs instruct us in all the good stuff we ought to know to conduct our jobs in a more efficient manner; don’t get me wrong I learned a lot and I enjoyed the conference, but all I wanted to do when I came home on Friday was sleep! I am not sure why but that is what my body has been craving for the last two days and for some reason that got my creative juices going and now you are the recipient of my words, lol!

Each time I made an attempt at true productivity lat week, I fell asleep. So rather than fight the urge I gave in to it. On a couple of ocassions, I reached for the Kindle in an attempt to catch up on my readings, to no avail. The magazine stack remained untouched. Finally, after a good 45-minute nap I was back on track and my creativity was awaken. I shall begin advocating for nap time at work from now on. Do you believe I will succeed? Hope so, wish me luck. Lol!

The weekend is over, again!

Marcia C

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