The dog days of our lives…

My hubby and I have been married a long time; I love him dearly and think he loves me too (just kidding, hon!). For most of our married life we have always had a dog. Our first was Susie, a German shepherd we got as a gift when she was about 4 weeks old. Susie stuck around us for twelve years; until one gray winter day when she ran across the street to go to the park; and we never saw her again. I loved that dog!

Susie was about eight years old when my hubby came home one day with a fawn colored Doberman whom we promptly named Dee Dee because she introduced herself to us, by going on our carpet! Two large dogs in our household at a time, what was he thinking? Dee Dee was one unlucky dog though, she contracted Parvo when she was six years old, and we had to put to her sleep.

Our children must have thought she was a horse as she allowed them to ride her. She was amazingly gentle with them considering what they put her through on so many occasions–even their friends joined in on the rides; that was one crazy dog. These were our two dogs while we lived in New York.

Lucky dog

A couple of years later, we moved to Florida; and voila’ another dog. His name was Lucky, so named because I found him one day under my car as I was getting ready to go home from work. My girlfriend took a look at the little mongrel and proclaimed: “You should take him home, he looks like a Sheltie, they are little dogs, he would not get too big”. I took a look at his sad eyes and did just that–took him home with me. He was our first introduction to a Marley and Me dog-like experience and definitely not a Sheltie; Lassie’s size is what comes to mind; a mixed breed, a jumper, runner, destroyer of everything in sight: records, doors, gates, carpet, vinyl, paper, plastic, plants–you name it!

The hubby? He was like “we” agreed there would be no more dogs, right? He has to go! Needless to say, we really are suckers for puppies. We survived Lucky’s antics and his eighty pounds, for 14 years. He brought lots of joy to our lives.

Every dog owner I know who has gone through the death of a pet, I am sure feels the same way. The process of grieving, the feeling of loss and then we all swear “never again”, that is the last time I put myself through this! That was the two of us two years ago, when Lucky died. Did I mention I have had a dog in my life, since I was a small child?

Enter Sasha, our Labrador and Husky mix, who is now 6 months old and almost 50 pounds. I tried to resist the temptation of getting another dog, but as I said before I really am a sucker for dogs. She is our current and last dog, and our latest Marley and Me experience. Lol!

I see signs of intelligence in her, she somewhat listens to our commands–when she feels like it; loves praises. Good girl Sasha, sit, you are such a good girl. However, she is not too obedient when it comes to our allowing her to roam around the house; we have to stay vigilant, watch her every move. I keep threatening her and the hubby with sending her back where she came from (Ormond Beach), and reminding him, he is the reason why she is still here. She is a big girl, and a rambunctious one at that; and she is definitely no Alpha dog. All she has to do is hear a garbage truck, or a school bus, or anything with a large engine–and she immediately makes a mad dash for the hills!

My new mantra? Where the hell is that “Dog Whisperer” when you really need him? Cesar Millan I need you and I need you now!

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  1. lol, Well you have definitely had a time with dogs! I’m a dog lover too, so I understand. You’ve had some beautiful dogs. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Acupuncture for who? Me or Sasha? Thanks for taking the time to comment. BTW when I opened your page, which was “spammed” by WordPress, I almost agreed with them, but then I saw the translate button and you were saved. LOL! Good thing you have that available; the only other language I speak is Spanish, but there were some words I could still decipher.Thanks again!

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