Travel–if only in your mind…

This summer, I attended a business conference held in National Harbor, MD; I did not recall hearing about this city before, at least not that I could remember.
Nevertheless, I quickly signed up to attend the summer institute conference. National  Harbor as it turned out, was all-good; especially because of its proximity to our nation’s capital, which I had the opportunity to visit during last year’s  conference.

Aside from the obvious reasons we attend job-related  conferences, there are some not so obvious benefits. One of the things I look for is location, location, location! When conferences are held in places I have  never been to before, (and that includes many), I jump at the opportunity; quickly  launch into a Google research project, and then get excited to learn all I can to begin plotting what to do when the workshops breakout for the day.

I love to travel, explore and see what the city I am in is all about. This morning I was looking through the picture gallery in my Droid with  the intent of deleting old files to free-up some memory. I came across a few pictures, taken during my two most recent business trips and instead decided  to share them with you. I will soon file them away in that digital album on the desktop I rarely ever go back into.

Washington, DC

The Washington monument was looking magnificent on the day I  took this picture. I could not ask for a better shot, and was truly amazed to see that it came out of my cell phone camera. I am by no means a photographer, but I hope for the best and expect the camera to see what I see, when I point and  shoot at an object. It is always a crime of opportunity; I may or may not have  the camera with me, but the cell phone? That is another story. LOL!

The sculpture shown here both took me by surprise and  creeped me out at the same time when I first saw it at National Harbor. I thought, what is that  all about? Its location made me

The awakening in full view

think it was making some reference to the sea gods and it looks intense and scary, at least to me it did. I have since learned it  is “The Awakening”, created by J Seward Johnson in 1980 and first  displayed in Hains Point, MD (another place I never heard of), for 27 years,  it was then relocated to National Harbor in 2008 when the sculptor sold it for $750,000! It must be nice!

I lived in Brooklyn, NY for more than twenty years, during  that time I visited every “must see” tourist site there was to see in NYC and even  some you would not want to see. Every museum: Brooklyn Museum, Children’s  Museum, MOMA, Guggenheim and places such as Madison Square, Empire State  building, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty–any and all major  attractions were part of my weekend itinerary, along with regular visits to  Macy’s for shopping and FAO Schwartz to ensure the kids did not complain—I was  a very smart mommy!

The point is this, there is so much to see anywhere you live  that you should not let the moments of your life go by without taking advantage  to enrich yourself. Gather some knowledge and share it with others. There are  no excuses accepted these days since Google can take you places you have never been before. I know, it is no substitute for being there, I agree; but  a “virtual trip” does not hurt anyone and if you ever get the opportunity to visit in person–you would already have an idea of what to expect when you get  there.

Bon Voyage!

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  1. Prices on homes are down in Florida too, I don’t see the market picking-up soon. So we wait and see.

    I am enjoying the discovery process. It is true we all have many hidden treasures in our own backyards, but they are so obvious we miss them. I’ll be taking pictures tomorrow after church; we’ll see what catches my eye, will definitely be posting what I find.

  2. You know my mom was saying houses in Michigan are selling for as cheap as $55,000. Really nice ones too. Can you imagine? She’s on the fence about buying one! That’s what made me think of that.
    I love that you’ve started taking your camera and exploring, even in your own town. You’ll have to post and let us see what you’ve found! We’ve only been in GA (right on the border with north FL) for 3 months. I know there are some hidden treasures around here. I need to get out and explore. There’s the Old Sugar Mill, and Cumberland Island, and the swamp down the road!! So much to see! 🙂

  3. I lived in D.C. for a while– that was where I met my husband—and I always passed National Harbor heading into VA to get groceries, or maybe it was to his house in Alexandria. ANYWAY, I would see it off across the water, all glitsy and glamour. One day he was in the car with me and I asked, “What is that? We should go over there.”
    So, when his parents visited from MD one weekend, we went over to have dinner. It was like a mini Vegas. I remember that sculpture! $750,000. Do you know how many houses you could buy with that right now?!!
    Great memory. I’d completely forgotten it. Thanks for the reminder. And so glad you liked your visit in D.C. and Maryland! 🙂

    1. Thanks Jennifer,
      Glitzy and glamourous pretty much describes it; especially at the Gaylord which is where we stayed; I think it it can be counted as its own ilittle city, probably has its own zip code, no complaints here. The area is beautiful, especially when you take it in from the Potomac. Our nation is so full of hidden treasures that lately I’ve taken to traveling (even around town) with my camera at the ready to ensure not to miss anything.

      In my part of SW Florida, $750,000 can buy either a few homes or just one, it all depends on what you are looking for! LOL!

  4. Hi Marcia;

    You have found your nitche. God has his way of opening doors you never thought possible. Cooper Street seems to be a blessed place that nutures and then sets its loved ones free. You are free to follow your passion. I love you. Thank you for all your support and help.


    1. Thanks Grace, I believe Cooper Street is there for a reason and nurturing is just part of the equation; it is just what we are meant to do. Otherwise, how would we be able to take care of the kids? I love you too. Many Thanks for your support.

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