Life is a beach…winter season in SW Florida

Lifeguards on duty

It dawned on me today, after talking about the weather up north and in other far away (from me, anyway) cold places–Ireland, London, Seattle to name a few, that either I have it pretty good or we always seem to think the grass really is greener on the other side. Truthfully, we all have exactly what we need, when we need it.

I lived in New York for over twenty years and never complained about the weather there as much as I do here in Florida; but that is mostly because NY provided relief from heat when Fall, Winter and Spring arrived. There was the change of seasons to look forward to, the anticipation of shedding one type of clothing for another.

Life is a beach, Manasota Key, FL

During winter, of course, you bulked up with coats, layers of clothes, donned boots, and gloves, and hats and whatever else you needed in order to stay warm–leg warmers? I have not seen or heard of those things in years! And even though I did not like the winter months, especially when it snowed, I still looked forward to some of the things that came with it–ice skating (the children, not me), concerts, plays, etc.

Our side of Florida offers no such season changes, but it does allow for the occasional sweater or light wind breaker now and then, and a common outfit for this time of the year might be shorts, sweatshirts and sandals–a compromise I guess.

Most people assume it is hot down here all the time, not so. In the years we have lived on Florida’s West Coast, we have experienced temperatures as low as 30s and as high as the 100s; good thing the average stays in the 80s and the extremes only last for a couple of days. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not. When it is cold up north during the winter months, our days are pretty good, cold fronts from the north produce really nice weather; mornings and evenings are nice and cool, sometimes even cold (for us) but daytime temps stay comfortable enough to sometimes warrant a trip to the beach.

Row, row, row...

That was the case this week, it started out with a couple of cold days and by Thursday it felt like Summer. So I took myself and camera to the beach, to verify what I already suspected. Our “snowbirds” (tourists) where there, not an empty parking spot could be found at the first three beaches I stopped at–Stump Pass, Englewood, Blind Pass and finally when I arrived at Manasota Key–I found a parking space, and all I wanted to do was to take some pictures.

Aah, yes, I still remember those days when I thought nothing of diving into 65-70 degree waters, brrr… thank goodness that was a long time ago. But still…what was I thinking?

And now… we dive into a New Year, 2012. Does anyone still remember how we were freaking out as the New millennium, Y2K, approached? It came and went along with 11 more years, yikes!!! Time sure flies…

Lea Michelle sings Auld Lang Syne  Happy New Year to one and all, let’s keep on reading and writing, and let us enjoy life!

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  1. I remember my first winter in Florida after living in the Midwest all of my life and being amazed by my co-workers who were bundled up in gloves, heavier coats and scarves as they walked across the university parking lot. I thought “what is wrong this these people, it’s only 40.” But now after 13 years here, those gloves feel pretty darn good on our cooler mornings in January. I’m up in the Palm Coast area north of Daytona and we are a bit chillier than you, but still nothing like the “old days” I don’t miss it. Yes, snow is pretty for a few hours, but not if you have to drive in it and see the aftermath for weeks and weeks – well, you know the routine…..

    Great post and great reminder of how lucky we are to enjoy our lovely winter weather. Heading to 80 today 🙂

    1. I went through the same experience when I moved here from NY, would even jump into the pool in 60 degree weather claiming it was not cold (it didn’t feel so back then); 20 years later, I do not go anywhere near the water unless it is above 70 degrees. LOL
      Snow? I always said is pretty to look at if you live in the mountains not the city, where you have to deal with it turning into slush on your way to work. No, I do not miss snow at all, it will be 80 degrees here today too!

  2. It was 22 degrees in Charlotte this morning! It almost feels like being back in Idaho only I know the cold won’t last for months on end… Your post made me think of my friend Ivan. We worked together in the Everglades and the couple of times it got in the lower 40s he would bust out his trench coat and act like the deep-freeze was going to kill him. It’s so strange how our sense of coldness changes depending on the climate we find outselves in.

    1. I know, there were a few people wearing winter coats today, LOL. This morning it was 30 degrees, brrr….! We have one more day of this and then it’s back to the 70s on Friday. I’ve already made plans to meet girlfriends at the beach on Saturday to enjoy drum circles and the sunset.

  3. “People assume it’s always hot.”

    Haha, I know! It’s going to be in the 30’s tomorrow night and I live in Fort Lauderdale. :O! haha.

    I remember the y2k. My brother and I looked out the window to see what’s going to happen. NERD, I know. 🙂

    1. It goes by so fast we can hardly catch our breath. Our first granddaughter is now 3 years old, I still remember that event like it was yesterday. Soon enough we will be talking about graduations and everything else.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer,
      Yes, I am amazed at how quickly time flies away; let’s hope all our goals and plans come together this year.
      I plan to write more frequently than I did last year and learn to use media tools more effectively. Wish me luck, LOL

      1. You are going to do GREAT! 🙂
        Remember, little goals with the writing so as not to overwhelm yourself. I do that all the time. I’m overwhelmed right now. I might have to go lie down. LOL!

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