ABC Award

Many thanks go to Meg, of for including me as one of the recipients of the Awesome Blog Content Award (ABC Award), I feel so honored. In accepting this award, I agree to share something about myself using the letters of the alphabet as my guide, and then pass on the honor to some of the blog writers whose work I enjoy. The tricky part comes when I have to display the award logo on this blog. You will know I succeeded if and when you are able to see the ABC logo on this page’s sidebar, LOL.

Here is a list of things about myself in alphabetical order:

A Art exhibits B beach lover
C cooking D dancing, Salsa!
E ethnic foods F Florida, Gulf coast
G Grandma H Hola!
I Italy (bucket list) J journeys
K Kindle L London, one of my favorite cities
M museums N New York, I love NY
O ocean P Panama, native
Q quotes about life R romance novels
S Spanish (fluent) T traveler
U unexpected day trips V volunteer
W walking (exercise) X exuberant
Y Yoga Z Zest for life

Now, I pass on this award to some of the people whose blogs I enjoy, there are many others but I can only name a few here, so here they go:

Well, I tried (in vain) to insert the logo on the sidebar, no luck. So I resorted to the cut and paste version  shown above; please, those of you who have mastered this little exercise–I need your help. Thanks!

30 thoughts on “ABC Award

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  1. I JUST now noticed your coffee cup has a smiley face in the bubbles!
    Again, thank you for naming me in your list. I’m flattered you even read my blog! 🙂
    I’ll have to check out some of the others you named.
    Do you know I have been going through email, and comments ALL DAY LONG! This has to stop! LOL!

    1. The coffee cup was supposed to be a temporary thing until I found a picture to use, somehow it is still there, I guess I like it.
      You are most deserving and I read your blog to learn a few things, I am by no means a “zero waste” kind of person but do my best to conserve and save what I can.
      I spent most of my day yesterday doing the same thing: reading blogs and making comments; we must put an end to this madness soon… but it is so much fun, I don’t wanna!

      1. Well, good. Then it’s working. I know “zero waste” is extreme (though much easier than I thought it would be and so much fun!!), but the point of my blog was just to give non-zero-wasters new ideas to throw around. I’m glad that comes across!

        About the commenting/email, I know a woman in Bulgaria who comments on others blogs but never checks the follow up box. I never find it rude that she doesn’t respond when I say something, but it doesn’t really keep the conversation flowing either. So, I’ve been debating on that one. Gosh, it would save all kinds of time, but….hmmm. I don’t know….

  2. Finally stopped by to “collect” my award. Am humbled to receive it and will ponder the requirements…one being to post the image on my blog. No small task, I agree with you. Some kind soul passed along the instructions, so I will share them in a post for hapless, or helpless, souls like you and me.

    love your theme… 🙂

    1. You will do just fine with the requirements, I am sure; and probably with posting the image as well. If not, you can follow Harry’s advice to create an Awards page, that was easy enough for me. Now, to learn all the inns and outs of W. LOL

      Have fun hugmamma!

  3. OK 🙂 theres no codes involved.

    When you write or edit a post, just above where you write, you will see visual and HTML they are they editors, and on the same line you will see the chain, but only in visual.

    Just watch and learn 🙂

  4. When you have finished you can delete this comment if you want to.

    click edit in this post. you should be in visual editor, not html editor.

    copy the link and then Delete the link and update.

    now where the link was write in, Meg traveling and then highlight it, it should now be blue.

    in the little boxes above you will see a chain, click it, it will open a window.

    on the top line, delete HTML/: and now you can paste the link into the top line.

    in the second line write in meg traveling

    on the next line its very inportant is to tick the little square box.

    click save and thats you done.

    Good luck 🙂

    1. Huh? My problem? I am afraid to mess with codes, html and all that stuff; I know that I will render my site useless, LOL. So I will have the hubby enter this domain, give it a try and then let you know how it goes. Thanks, Harry!

  5. The post will disappear of the front page, you should do the same in the award page, if you can make the site name a hyper link its better, if not the same again will do.

    A hyper link is not hard to do.

  6. congratulations…you deserve it.. And kudos for being able to think up an alphabet soup of details. It was fun getting to know more about you.

  7. Marcia, “muchos” compliments on your award; you have a beautiful blog full of interesting ideas and observations. And thank you for mentioning my new wordpress blog. I am still trying to decipher all the bells and whistles..

    I’ll be back (So said Terminator)

    1. Gracias Jacques. I am in the same predicament even though I’ve used WP for a while, lately I’ve gotten more into it and am still learning the bells and whistles, they are many but the WP community usually steps up to the plate to help out. Welcome!

  8. Thanks for the links Marcia! What do you volunteer at?
    Alyson of The Thought Palette sent me quite complicated instructions on “how to” with the logo. I can email them to you if you’d like?

    1. You are welcome, Jo. I mostly volunteer on children causes–Afterschool tutoring and serve on the Board of Healthy Start (for babies). Please do send me the “how to” as I’ve been trying to add the “post a week” logo as well and everything I’ve tried does not seem to work. Thanks!

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