Art Festival on Sullivan Street

Walking along Sullivan Street's Arts Festival

We are officially in season, festivals and cultural events, concerts and other activities are in full swing all around South Florida, from Tampa to Sarasota to Fort Myers to Miami the choices are plentiful.

Mr Laszlo at work...

This past weekend, I headed to downtown Punta Gorda to check out the Farmers’ Market and Sullivan Street’s Arts and Crafts Festival; thankfully, they were within walking distance of each other. Unfortunately, I caught the tail end of the Farmers’ Market–but they’ll be back again Saturday morning; in addition, every Wednesday from 10 am-2 pm, beginning January 4 through March 28, 2012, the Worden Farms Green Market will be at Fishermen’s Village center court. So many choices!

Yes, they are real!

While browsing around Sullivan Street’s Arts and Crafts Festival, I had the opportunity to talk with a few vendors–some local and some from as far out-of-town as Jacksonville, FL and Myrtle Beach, SC. It surprised me to learn how many of them participate in the various festivals and events held across the area, up and down the coast, southern states, etc., trying to introduce the products they either make or distribute, to as many people as possible. They sell during festivals and outdoor events, take orders for later shipping, or direct potential customers to their websites. They have all become aware that maintaining a web presence is a key component to their entrepreneurial efforts.

Jacksonville, FL's-- Annie Clydes homemade cakes--were selling out fast!

Mr Laszlo (pictured above), a local artist who is of Hungarian descent, loves to paint and is a great conversationalist, we had a nice talk and I enjoyed learning of the places he once called home such as Paris, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale to name a few–all big cities that he loved–but says that Punta Gorda is where he finds both beauty and peace, a hard to beat combination according to him. I agree.

Brenda Cooper, baker/owner of Annie Clydes Homemade Cakes brought her delicious assortment of goodies to the festival from Jacksonville, FL and was doing brisk business when I got to her booth. I sauntered over there because I had seen the crowds gathered there earlier, and because enough people were walking around–spoon-in-hand, eating cake; when asked about the taste they all said the same thing: Yummy!

Coconut cute

Right next door were Terry and Premy of Unique Coconut (Myrtle Beach, SC) with their large display of handmade coconut palm trees and animals night lights; again, the display and the crowds drew me in. I loved seeing those night lights, and imagined them in our granddaughters’ rooms. Very cute!

Well this was a good weekend, and since it seems there is an unending supply of events planned for the many weeks ahead, you will be seeing more posts like this one. I love the arts, museums, music concerts, and every kind of cultural activity there is–especially if they are budget friendly–plus, they provide me with an excuse to go out and have fun, and give me lots of material to write about. Win-win I say, LOL

I receive no payment to promote any of these businesses, just thought I’d provide the web addresses as a service.

13 thoughts on “Art Festival on Sullivan Street

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  1. i love season! its practically a festival a week from dec to april!
    Like you, I was surprised to learn of artists and vendors who travel the festival circuit..I bought an orchid basket from someone who lives in TN…she told me she’s developped quite a mail order business based on word of mouth from fairs as well as the internet, so travelling from show to show a few months each year has paid off well!
    Great blog post!

    1. You are so right; we’ve had something going on each weekend since the beginning of the year and there is still much more to come. Gotta love it! The vendors really work hard, especially during season but they continue to reap the benefits months later and they develop a loyal following. I will begin venturing into Sarasota in the next few weeks, and as soon as Spring arrives I will try to catch at least one of the Jazz concerts in St Pete or Tampa. We’ll see…
      Thanks for stopping by, I love the plants on your site’s header. I knew without first peeking that you were a fellow Floridian.

    1. I love all those events; lately I am making it a point to find out more about the artists and vendors, etc. I want to hear what motivates them to participate in these events, what they get from their efforts. I really enjoyed meeting Mr. Laszlo, great life story and artwork.

  2. Give me a minute. I’m trying to decide if I’m more jealous of your weather or your events. This was a virtual break from our gray weather, so thank you for the wonderfulness.

    1. LOL, they are both great–most of the time so I try not to complain. The events are so many it is hard to keep up sometimes. For instance, this weekend there will be an Italian Fest (music, games, food) at a local park and I can’t wait to get there; as I said: no complaints here!

  3. Great post and because we are also a micro business it’s great to see so many artists and vendors doing well. I am a big fan of supporting local business, Love those flowers and glad that they are real. Kathy

    1. I understand the challenges (as a former small business owner) and it’s certainly not easy these days, much credit goes to those of you who manage to make it in the current environment. I am sure there will be more folks joining the entrepreneurial ranks soon, if this festival was any indication. There were over 200 vendors this weekend, and I wish them all much success!

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