Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

This week’s photo challenge? Contrast, got me thinking and set me off on a digital search through my computer files. I remembered having these pictures and wanted to share them, so here they are. My daughter, Natalie, took these during a visit to Miami‘s Metro Zoo now known as Zoo Miami. The colors contrast beautifully, flamingos strutting their pink and the cranes in white look beautiful against the green water. And, you can see the duck’s “feet” doing their thing underwater. I guess we cannot compete with mother nature!


I am swimming away, no photos please,,,
Pink flamingos? Yes, we do exist!
Meet my family of pink flamingos at Zoo Miami!

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

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  1. Wow… very lovely pics!!! …this causes me to take some time and reflect on the marvelous colors of nature. Thank you for sharing on BlogZone.

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