Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

Tostones - fried green plaintains
Tostones - fried green plantains (Photo credit: haleysuzanne)

This week’s photo challenge: “Sometimes you chance across things which were arranged on purpose, or on a whim – find something in your environment which was arranged by a human hand for others to enjoy!” Share a picture that means ARRANGED to you! 

On a recent trip to the Farmers’ Market I was happy to find some of the fruits and veggies I like. Beside bananas, which I love, there was an ample supply of green plantains–which put a smile on my face. Growing up in Panama, one of my favorite meals to have on a Saturday morning would be “Patacones con Salchicha” or “Pescado” or “Carne”, also known as “Tostones” in other Latin cultures–it basically translates into “fried plantains with sausage, fish, or meat”; but plantains are one of the most versatile fruits you can find, they are nutritious and delicious and a great complement to many meats, fish, shrimp even egg omelets.

Arranged in this basket are some of the fruits that made it into our very own yummy dish, such as the one displayed below.

Tropical produce…patacones anyone?
Patacones con carne
Image courtesy of http://www.ChiriquiChatter.net

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  1. Oh, that just looks wonderful. I just love plantains. My girlfriend’s mother makes them for me for breakfast every time I go to N.Y. (They’re from the D.R.) You’ve made me so hungry, Marcia!!

    1. Gusto en conocerte Daniella; you do beautiful crochet work. The paper toilet covers brought back memories. Gracias por la visita and the follow. I’m following your blog.

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