Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

I have been waiting for an opportunity to post these pictures, and this week’s theme “Journey” just provided the perfect one. Most days I go out for a walk with Sasha, our lab/husky mix, around 1:00 pm; the same scene usually greet us on our journey.

Across the street, on our neighbor’s yard, a turtle has made her home. She comes out of her nest a couple of times a day but most definitely at the same time we go for our daily walk. She even spies us as we approach her territory and ensures to get closer to her refuge the closer we get. Her antics fascinate me, so this time I decided to capture some of her moves as she is sunning and then when she quickly runs to hide from us, all along–Sasha anxiously hopes to follow, it is a daily “dance” that leaves me exhausted but marveled at the animal kingdom’s instinct to hunt and the need to ensure survival.

Suntan time, just chilling!
Ahhh, the sun feels so good; but here comes that dog. Gotta go!
Patiently waiting... just let me loose I'll get her!

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  1. We’re in Georgia – from New Jersey – and it astounds me all the different creatures we see strolling through the neighborhood like snakes and frogs. Haven’t seen any turtles yet. It must be the south’s nicer weather that brings them out.

    1. We lived in the ATL for two years (Marietta)I never saw any creatures there except for squirrels. In Florida, I have seen all the animals I need to see and more. including gators. Some of the neighboring counties (Lee, Collier) have been seeing 300-500 lbs black bears visiting their subdivisions lately. Scary!

  2. isn’t 1 PM a bit too hot where the sun is at it’s peak?? we avoid getting out at this time as it’s veryyyyyyyy hot in philippines then. cute turtle

    1. No, as my hubby likes to say we are in “their” environment so we need to be good neighbors.
      We are in SW FL, so bobcats, armadillos, rabbits, squirrels and who knows what else, are a common daily sight. Thankfully, we don’t see gators where we live. LOL

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