Happy New Year!

Christmas time in New Orleans
Christmas time in New Orleans

I missed the Christmas greetings last week but I have a great excuse, I was traveling around celebrating the holidays with family; especially the little ones, yes all three granddaughters together in one place, Orlando. Grandma’s heaven for sure!

Making a list and checking it twice with NOLA’s Santa! Lauryn and dad (Michael)

I will come back next week to update you on all the excitement of the season and the New Orleans trip. In the meantime, here are a couple of photos I took during my travels.

The Creole Queen Paddle wheeler sailing around the Mississippi River

Happy New Year, stay safe and enjoy the festivities, I’ll be doing the same!


21 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

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      1. Driving to a couple of college classes I’m enrolled in will be enough travel excitement for me during the winter months. I no longer like to drive when it’s dark…rainy…cold and damp. Freeways unnerve me, especially in bad weather.

        So traveling half-an-hour to learn French is as much travel as I’m up for these next few months. Nonetheless…I find the prospect…exciting! 🙂

      1. I’m currently in Los Angeles but want to return to France for the Cannes Film Festival this spring and then back to Paris. Do you plan to return to Paris any time soon?

  1. We need an extra day to pop in and say Happy New Year on all those beautiful blogs out there, Marcia. Glad you had such a lovely time with your girls. New Orleans- wow! Happy 2013 to you.

    1. Thanks Jo.

      You are so right about the blogs, I have been trying to read as many as I can lately but still fall behind. New Orleans was short and fun, I’ll have to go back soon.

      Happy new year to you and your family, hope 2013 brings happiness for all!

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