Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

The topic this week? Horizon. For me, that word always makes me think of what’s ahead, what to do next; but, inevitably the pictures that come to mind immediately are the glorious sunsets that we get to see in our “sunshine state” with such frequency, we almost take them for granted.

At the beach
At the beach
Natalie, on a visit to SWFL
Natalie, on a visit to SW Florida

I love crossing bridges, not sure why; but many times over the last few years as I crossed over the Peace River bridge at the end of a hard work day, I would call our daughter Natalie to boast about the great sunset developing in front of me as I made my way home. I’d say things like “I just had to call to share with you what beautiful sunset and clouds and water, and blah, blah, blah I am looking at right now. Sometimes she’ll come back at me with a smart remark but more often than not we would have a laugh as we made comparisons to the weather she was experiencing at the time; it always seemsΒ at least ten degrees cooler in Atlanta.

Of course we will have conversations when the weather turns for the worse in Florida, but in the meantime…our sunsets (and sunrises) are the best!

Beautiful sunset!
Beautiful sunset!

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  1. Dude this is MUY nice. I always like checking out beach sunsets. Very nice picture. I miss my sister living in Florida. I used to visit her a lot back then. Now she lives in the Midwest…there’s nothing but corn there. She comes here more than we go over there πŸ™‚

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